Helpline: 07943 751688

Victim Support

Making a Difference in the life of victims

Drop-in Centre

Our drop-in centre opens every Thursday 10-12noon. We provide Information and Referral services to the black community. We also provide professional counselling support to women. 

Admin: 2A William Street, Sittingbourne. ME10 1HR


If you are experiencing domestic violence, we can help. We are here to listen and help every victim. if you are in an emergency situation, call 999.

Our Helpline: 07943 751688

Welfare Scheme

Through our local partnerships, we are able to provide clothes for the victims and their children for the period when they are trying to re-settle down

Back to Work Scheme

  • Career Mentoring
  • Helping out with CV
  • Business start-up advices and support
  • Hospitality work placement and references.

Wellness Services

The objective of our Wellness Centre is to positively promote women's mental health by providing some relaxation and rejuvenation activities to women who need them. Also, it helps to increase the self-esteem of our clients and creates an atmosphere to network and help their healing journey. A combination of muscle massaging methods and beauty pampering treatments create an amazing experience for stressed out and worn down body and soul.

Survivor Forum

We offer a mentoring and befriending scheme to support survivor to reduce the feelings of isolation and ensures the appropriate support for women. To join, pls call our helpline:

UK: 07943 751688